Why Join Our Pet Club?

Our scheme is good for you, your pet and your vet.

Good for your pet: Pet Club meets pets annual preventative healthcare needs. It includes the vaccines and parasite control treatments needed to keep them healthy year-round, plus a regular health check and review with a vet. Early detection of disease often improves outcomes, helping your pet to have a longer and healthier life.

Good for you: Pet Club helps you to budget for routine costs with monthly direct debit payments. There are also savings to be made with a generous range of discounts on other products and services provided by the practice. Plus, we remember when your pet’s vaccines and wormers are due, so you don’t have to!

Good for your vet: Pet Club provides Hay Vets with a steady income stream, helping us to plan routine work and medicine purchases through the year. By working more efficiently, we are able to provide a better service and pass on savings to our clients.


How does it work?

A monthly direct debit pays for Pet Club. There is no joining fee. You will be contacted each time your pet’s treatments are ready for collection (these are dispensed every 3 months). The annual health check, coinciding with your pet’s booster vaccination, offers a chance to review your pet’s membership and ensure that the treatments supplied are appropriate to your pet’s needs.

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*2nd and subsequent pets pay £1 less per month on the membership fees

pet club cats

*2nd and subsequent pets pay £1 less per month on the membership fees

Is Pet Club the same as Pet insurance?


No. Hay Vets Pet Club takes care of the routine health care needs of dogs and cats. Vaccination protects your pet from infectious diseases. Monthly worming is important to protect both human and animal health.

Flea and tick protection is essential for a lot of pets, although your pet’s lifestyle will determine how necessary that is. We offer two Pet Club schemes: “Core” and “Comprehensive”; the first with, and the second without flea and tick treatment.

Pet Insurance provides cover if your dog becomes unwell or has an accident. There are many insurance options available and we recommend you research carefully to ensure you choose an appropriate policy.

Our policy for processing insurance claims can be found here. 

We are not able to provide direct advice on choosing an insurance policy, but we can give an indication of the typical costs of treating accidents and illnesses, which may help you to make your choice.

What are the options, and what do I save?

We offer two tiers of membership, ‘Core’ and ‘Comprehensive’. Both offer great savings, and we encourage clients to discuss their pet’s needs with us when choosing which option suits them best. The more pets signed up per household the better for you, as additional pets cost £1 less on their monthly membership fee.

Leaflets outlining full benefits of membership are available in the practice, and for email. Please contact the practice on 01497 820863 or contact@hayvets.co.uk for full details.

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