It’s been our busiest year ever at Hay Vets, and we have welcomed many new pets and clients through our doors. 2021 was our 15th year trading and Hannah, Barney, Kate and Guy are grateful to our longstanding clients and staff who have been with us since the practice was established.

We feel lucky to be able to look after wonderful patients and to be part of a thriving local community.

The practice’s office hours will be reduced over the holidays so that our team can take it in turns to have a break with their family and friends. Our emergency service will be available to clients throughout the holiday period, but of course no one wants to make a trip to the vets over Christmas.

Here are some tips to keep everyone safe:
• Make sure you have adequate supplies of food and medicine in stock for your animals
• Changes in diet can easily cause tummy upsets, so keep treats to a minimum
• Bones can cause blockages, avoid letting your dog or cat eat cooked or raw bones
• Common Christmas foods can be toxic e.g. chocolate, dried fruit, mincemeat, alcohol, onions
• Plants such as ivy, mistletoe, poinsettia and lilies are toxic
• Decorations can be tempting for but chewing them can cause electric shocks, mouth injuries and gut blockages
• Wrapped presents (especially those containing food) can be destroyed by inquisitive pets
• Celebratory fireworks and lanterns can alarm animals of all sizes, be considerate and make sure neighbours are warned if you’re having a party so that animals can be made safe.
• If you are going away with your animals, consider taking a small first aid kit with you. It is wise to find out the details for your nearest emergency vet too.

We don’t want to sound like the Christmas-fun police, but every year we see patients with avoidable injuries or illnesses.

Our emergency team can be reached by calling 01497 820863 or 01874 713111. The answering service will take the details of the emergency and forward these to the duty vet.

Please make a note of our office hours, this is when our reception team will be available to deal with non-urgent queries. Our email addresses will be checked during office hours, so please do not rely on this route to contact us in an emergency.

We wish everyone a peaceful and happy Christmas, and a prosperous 2022.

Christmas Opening
Christmas Opening
Our pets love their routine. It provides them (and us) with security and comfort. Always make sure to keep to your pet’s walking/eating routine as far as is possible as the festive season becomes busier.

An increase in visitors in their homes can stress some of our pets, especially as more people result in an increase in noise and sadly in tensions as distant family members gather together.

Our pets are natural empaths and will absorb any tensions that we may be feeling, so always ensure that as the noise level or stress levels increase in a busy household, that they always have access to a safe ‘bolthole’ where they can escape any loud noises or tensions and they feel secure.

Remember that our pet’s sense of smell is far superior to ours and any gifts left carefully wrapped under the tree that contain food either for them or for family members, are a huge temptation to our greedier pets out there.

They cannot be told off for tearing off the wrappings and indulging in the full contents (even if it was meant for them), so just keep these edible gifts out of reach. Remember that chocolate should not be fed to pets.

The same goes for any foods that are poisonous to our pets. If you are preparing a fruitcake full of raisins, ensure that your pet has no access to the kitchen cupboard or surfaces where they may ingest foods that contain raisins or grapes.

Share in the festive foods with your pet (as they are part of the family) but avoid the rich fatty parts of any meat, any sharp bones and any stuffing or foods that contain onions, leeks or garlic.

Keep rubbish bins tied up to prevent any scavenging of your pets while you are busy entertaining. Any mouldy food can be dangerous if eaten by your pet.

Certain festive indoor plants can be poisonous to cats such as Poinsettias and Lilies and Mistletoe. Those long strings of tinsel may look pretty in your home, but they may prove irresistible to a young cat and if swallowed can be harmful so maybe give them away to friends with no pets!

Take long healthy walks in the fresh air away from the business of the home, being mindful to allow your dogs plenty of time to sniff each blade. This is their time to really stimulate their senses – especially our elderly dogs.

Frozen smells are packaged and even more inviting to your dogs so allow them time to enjoy their winter walks – what they will most enjoy this festive season!

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