Attention cat owners:

Do you own a cat? Then we are reminding you to check if your cat food is affected by a recent product recall.

This is due to a potential link to feline pancytopenia, a serious blood illness in cats in the UK.

The affected cat food products are listed here:

cat stethoscope

Attention cat owners:

If your cat has eaten one of the recalled products and is showing any unusual behaviour or signs of being unwell, this could include any of the following acute symptoms:

– lethargy
– weakness
– decreased appetite
– pale gums
– rapid breathing
– bleeding from nose
– bleeding into mouth
Then contact us immediately to book an examination.
If your cat has eaten one of the recalled products but is not showing signs of illness, you should still contact a vet for advice and possible testing. Also, continue to monitor your cat’s behaviour for signs of illness or acute symptoms and book an examination immediately if these arise.
You should also immediately switch to a suitable alternative.
Finally, return the product to the store for safe disposal.

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